We are the Artist Brand

We strive to provide lash artists the platform they need to soar to new heights and fulfill their dreams of entrepreneurship while not compromising their talent or creativity.

We are committed to providing all lash stylists and salons with top quality products and continued lash extension training.

Our Products

Our products are created and produced with the highest quality ingredients. Each uniquely designed to provide lash artists with everything they need to excel at their craft.

With our extensive background in the beauty industry, we are constantly reinventing and exploring new ways to improve our products.

All of our products are developed using safe ingredients and cruelty free methods.


Lina Mai

Lina was born in Stockton, California. After graduating from cosmetology school in 2002, Lina has continued to grow and create success in the world of hair. In 2008 Lina was introduced to, and certified in, eyelash extension and has continued to keep up to date with the quality and trends ever since. With her experience in the beauty industry, she has started several beauty salons in both California and Florida. In November 2016, Lina opened the first LashBar™ salon and has since actively expanded with franchise locations in California and Arizona.