Picking The Perfect Glue

Picking The Perfect Glue

With so many options when it comes to lash adhesive, knowing which glue is best for you can be overwhelming and confusing. 

Never fear! Our LashBar™ experts are here to help break down the most important things to keep in mind when picking the right glue for your lash sets.


When choosing a glue, you need to take your workplace humidity into consideration. Humidity levels will affect how fast or slow your glue dries as well as how well it adheres to the natural lashes.

Pro Tip: If your humidity is high, then you need to use more eyelash extension glue to give you more working time. Not having enough glue can result in having the eyelash extension glue setting before the lash extension is attached. This can result in a weak bond and ultimately cause lashes to "pop" off.  

LashBar™ Low Humidity Glues

LashBar™ High Humidity Glues


Dry Time

Adhesives with longer dry times are perfect for beginners who need a little extra time to do their work while advanced stylists can use fast-drying adhesives to speed up their appointment. Pro Tip: when first learning to make fans, use a glue with a slightly slower dry time to give yourself more time. 

LashBar™ Slow Drying Glues - Beginner

LashBar™ Fast Drying Glues - Advanced

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Shelf Life

Keep in mind the glue's shelf life before and after opening. While we want to always make sure we have enough, buying too much glue ahead of time will risk spoiling the bottles. We recommend using a glue within 1 month of opening. Using glue that has expired will negatively impact your guest's retention and cause fallout. Using fresh glue will ensure a positive lash experience for both you and your guest.


Clean the glue nozzle thoroughly after each use. Store your adhesives in a cool dry place away from heat and moisture. Always keep your glues upright with the cap securely closed in a zippered bag. We recommend an air tight container such as the one pictured below to keep your glues safe an secure between appointments.

Our vacuumed sealed container ensures the longevity of your glue by providing it a dark, cool space to chill in, while keeping any extra moisture away. This will prolong the life of your lash extension adhesive, and ensure you have the proper environment for storage.

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