Our Culture

Here at LashBar™ we believe that no dreams are too big. That everyone has the ability to own their own business. And that everyone deserve high quality, easy to use products to give their clients an unforgettable experience.
To provide lash artists the platform they need to soar to new heights and fulfill their dreams of entrepreneurship while not compromising their creativity.

to our stylists

At Lashbar™ we are committed to provide our lash fairies and salons with  top quality products and continued lash extension training.
We are more than just a brand, we are a family, a family dedicated to helping each of our stylists and salons become the best they can be. Family is one of the foundations on which we've built our business and want our franchisees to join.
LashBar™ was founded in 2016 by husband and wife duo Joseph and Lina. Together they work to create an environment for stylists to grow and work together to be the best artists they can be.
Creating a family feel environment was a priority for both Joseph and Lina as they built their business from both a customer perspective as well as an employee perspective.  
Soon after the first LashBar™ was established, other artists expressed interest in owning their own LashBar™ location and in February of 2018 the couple decided to Franchise their company. They have since expanded to 7 Franchise locations with several more in the works.
Our products are created and produced with the highest quality ingredients. Each uniquely designed to provide our lash fairies with everything they need to excel at their art.
With our extensive background in the beauty industry, we are constantly reinventing and exploring new ideas to make the work of a lash artist easier and better.
All of our products are developed using safe ingredients and cruelty free methods.

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