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This gentle Gel Remover helps break down glue bonds for easy lash extension removal without harming the natural lash.

This fast acting gel remover is gentle for sensitive eyes but effective in removing old lash extensions. With little odor, this gel remover will gently and easily break down eyelash extension adhesives for easy and pain-free removal of lash extensions.

Easy to use lash extension gel remover. Tape down your guests eye lashes like during a normal lash appointment. Put a little bit of the gel remover on a micro brush and gently distribute it evenly across the lash line. Using two micro brushes, go over the lashes again to ensure the gel remover coats every remaining lash extension lash.

Wait 30 seconds and then using two micro brushes, start pulling the old lash extensions gently off the real lashes. Make sure to remove all excess gel remover before washing eyes. Use the Lash Mister to wash eyes thoroughly with water and use the air function to dry it off.

To be used on Faux Eyelash Extensions.

For professional use only.


Details: Because it is a product with high volatility, please keep it tightly closed after use.

1. It is better to store in a cool place without direct sunlight or in a refrigerator.

2. Keep away from children.


Ingredients: 4-Methyl-dioxolan-2-one, 2-Oxetanone, Brij-78, Brij-52, Polyethyleneglycol, Vinyl Polymer, Sodium stearate, Methyl parabene, Propyl parabene, Collagen, Fragrance, Pigment

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