Wondering how to maximize your retention? We have the answer.

Wondering how to maximize your retention? We have the answer.

Jul 11th 2022

Maximize Your Retention Results with LashBar™ Super Bonder


What is a Super Bonder?

The Super Bonder's job is to add elasticity to the adhesive making the bonds more flexible, therefore resulting in better retention. Super bonder instantly polymerizes the adhesive, without shock curing. Sealing the fumes from the adhesive significantly reduces any irritations and sensitivities!

How does it work?

This unique lash retention maximizer pushes humidity out of the adhesive surface, sealing it more efficiently and creating a tighter bond.

With LashBar™'s Super Bonder, lash retention grows by up to 30%. The tighter bond also blocks glue fumes and adds elasticity to the adhesive bonding points. The added elasticity makes the lashes more flexible, less sensitive to touch and less prone to breaking or falling off.


Do I have to use a specific glue for the Super Bonder to work?

You're in luck! Our Super Bonder works with any glue (but we recommend pairing it with any of our LashBar™ Adhesives)

What are the benefits?

  • Increases lash retention by up to 30%
  • Low to no fumes
  • Less eye irritation
  • Reduces lash brittleness
  • Quick 3 minute drying process
  • Works with any adhesive
  • No need for nano misting or nebulizing
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and all types of lashes, including volume lashes
  • Works in any humidity and temperature conditions
  • One bottle is enough for 150-200 treatments/clients

So what's in it?

You know us, at LashBar™ we like to keep beauty simple. We apply that same mentality to our products which is why our Super Bonder only has 4 ingredients. That's right ONLY 4!

Ingredients: H20, Ethyl Alcohol, AA, Silane

How do you use it?

  • Wait 2 minutes after you have attached the last extension of the set
  • Apply 2 drops onto a microfiber brush (no need to soak)
  • Wipe adhesive bonding points
  • Allow to dry for 3 minutes

Other Information

One 15ml bottle services 150-200 treatments/clients. The product is vegan and produced in the European Union, under EU regulations.

Our LashBar™ Super Bonder is now available on


Super Bonder should only be applied to the glue zone with a micro brush after the treatment has been finished. We do not recommend using Super Bonder in nanomisters or similar devices as it may cause skin irritation or other side effects.

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